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After meeting on IG, they want to make it IRL

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Am I crazy to actually go through with this?

A longtime Instagram follower of mine sent me a PM the other day complimenting me on my photography skills.

We got to talking and he then admitted that he also likes me.

Since then, we text, video chat and share our respective lives through the powers of social media.

He lives in Brazil, I in the U.S. I am 15 years older than he -- I am about to be 46. We hit it off really well, and he has not done what many guys interested in me have done. He has not asked for -- or sent -- nude photos.

He claims to be single and not looking for marriage. He wants to come to the U.S. to see if he wants to live here permanently.


I have thought about opening my home for a few weeks with him paying for lodging. That could help me, as I am between jobs, and he could save on hotel costs.

He will be applying for a travel visa. Do you think I should do this?

-- Wondering Woman

Dear Wondering: Let's recap: THE OTHER DAY, you two met over social media.


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