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Artist's Instagram request is insta-ignored

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I have an Instagram account that solely functions to promote and sell my artwork.

I sent my cousin's wife a request to follow her on Instagram.

She accepted my request to follow her, but she never chose to accept my request for her to follow ME. This is equivalent to sending someone a friend request on FB and they then ignore it. The second time I sent her a follow request, she just left it hanging out there, so the button beside her name just says "Requested," meaning that she hasn't responded to the request yet.

This is an extended family member, and I have a good relationship with her and my cousin; I see these people every couple of years at family reunions.

I've never had any conflicts with either of them (on or off social media), so it baffles me as to why she wouldn't accept my requests.

Is this considered rude, and if it is, should I do anything about it? I obviously don't want to create drama or come off as annoying, but this has been bothering me.

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-- Slighted on Social Media

Dear Slighted: Bear with me -- while I look for a hot poker to drive into my thigh.

I ... I just need to feel something real.

Stop. Stop obsessing about this.


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