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This hopeless romantic remains unfulfilled

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

We met up over the weekend, and I thought, "OK, maybe he will do something cute," but still nothing!

Am I being too sensitive about this? I guess that because I was in a long relationship, I do not really know how to react in these situations, or regarding dating in general.

This still bugs me.

Should I talk to him? I tell myself I'm being silly, but am I?

-- The Confused Romantic

Dear Confused: Even the most devoted romantics (like you) need to understand that not everybody skips along on a gossamer high wire strung between two rainbows. This newly divorced single dad might just be lumbering along, overwhelmed by his life and unsure about how to behave in this relationship with you, which he is trying to take slowly (a good move for both of you).


In short, monthiversaries aren't necessarily a big deal for everyone. On the other hand, Valentine's Day is a very high-stakes occasion. Many well-meaning and otherwise sufficiently romantic people blow it on Valentine's Day, due to their own histories and anxieties -- combined with the combustible (and sometimes ridiculous) commercially driven expectations.

Romance is actually a special language all its own. You and your guy are still getting to know each other. Before you undermine this relationship with your expectations, you should expand it through communicating about this.

Did you wish your guy a happy monthiversary? Did you send him a card, leave him a nice voicemail or even text him a gif on Valentine's Day? It doesn't sound as if you did.

I'd like to remind you that romance runs both ways.


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