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'Vocal fry' drives grandma to distraction

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Wondering: Sometimes, texting (or FB message) is the preferred way of communicating because it does not obligate the recipient to answer and speak. And yes, texting can also be a lazy way of fulfilling a "check-in."

But when someone asks, "Let me know if you need anything," your answer should be: "Thank you! Barney would love a visit. Can you swing by after work?"

This does not absolve people from their thoughtlessness, but you and your husband can also create a Facebook post encouraging people to help (if you're inclined). If you provide specific tasks and ask, people will step up.

Dear Amy: "Confused" was a man who was in a domestic situation with his girlfriend and her mentally ill sister, which you compared to a Tennessee Williams play. Thank you for suggesting a home renovation for this group. Some of their problems could probably be solved with some drywall.

-- Done That!

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Dear Done That: Some separation was definitely in order.


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