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Widow wants to part with late-husband's trophies

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You've successfully discussed this with him before, and he has successfully stopped drinking for a period of time. This drinking pattern is now quite established and there are certain consequences -- your interrupted sleep, his interrupted sleep and his grouchy hangovers in the morning.

You should privately confront him with this, in a very firm and loving way. You could borrow language from a typical "intervention": "Your drinking is affecting our lives in the following ways..."

Urge your husband to attend a 12-step support meeting, which might help him to admit he has a problem and take steps to deal with it. Your family deserves much better than to have a sleep-deprived, hungover dad. You and the kids might also benefit from Al-anon and/or Alateen meetings. Al-anon offers "self-assessment" quizzes on their website:

Dear Amy: Thank you, thank you, for suggesting that "Addicted," who was addicted to his smartphone, could "unplug" part-way by deleting social media apps from his phone.

I did this, and you are right: I felt lighter, happier and more aware within a day.

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-- In Control

Dear In Control: Now, I'm inspired. I think it's time for me to launch another media fast.


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