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Sisters' solution should start with separation

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I know the reception guy is not about to jump up and enter the ladies locker room.

What should I do? I can't suck it up.

-- High and Dry

Dear Dry: The receptionist isn't going to do anything about this. Unless there are signs posted reflecting a clear club policy, the swimmers aren't going to conserve water.

You should take your concerns to management. Ask them what their policy is. If they don't have a policy on this, advocate for them to put one in place. They should post signs in the locker room urging bathers to keep their showers short. Once this happens, you'll be spared fighting this battle on your own.

Dear Amy: You missed something responding to "Worried Sick." Worried's husband had recovered from serious heart surgery and was now drinking.

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Depression is common after heart surgery. It's a vicious cycle because the alcohol will make the depression worse. Thank you for recommending Al-anon for her, but this needs to be addressed.

-- Been There

Dear Been There: Several readers made the same important observation regarding the link between heart surgery and depression. Thank you all.


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