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Sisters abused by stepfather now blame mother

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Am I just too long-winded?

-- Ignored

Dear Ignored: Great question. I do believe that we are all interrupting one another more often. I've read through two recent university studies demonstrating that men interrupt more frequently than women.

According to a 2014 study from George Washington University, men interrupt 33 percent more frequently when they are talking to women, versus talking to other men.

This dynamic has extended to the Supreme Court. A separate study from Northwestern shows that male justices talk over female justices far more frequently than fellow male justices. With three female justices on the court, 65 percent of interruptions were directed at them.

Interrupting is about establishing a power position.

When you are being interrupted, lock eyes and say, "I have a couple of other points I want to make. Then I'd love to hear what you think. Can you let me finish?"

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Dear Amy: "Upset Girlfriend" described her boyfriend's desire to have a "drunken one-night stand" in Vegas.

While I agreed with your response regarding her need to be honest with him and also not control him, you neglected to point out that STDs are a real risk.

Sexually Safe

Dear Safe: Absolutely. Thank you.


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