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Woman wants ring to become virginity protector

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: This is about my daughter-in-law and a family heirloom I gave to her.

My youngest son and daughter-in-law were very close with me until several years ago. I have no idea what happened between us, but they became very distant. I asked if I had done something wrong, and they didn't answer.

When my son told me they were getting engaged, I said that I would love it if they would accept the engagement ring that I received from my grandfather when I was 18. My grandfather gave me a diamond, which I put in a setting. I wore that ring for 29 years.

When they officially announced their engagement I noticed she was wearing a different ring. I asked my son why he didn't give her my ring. He said that she simply wanted her own.

Well, eight years later, I have never seen her wear it. I have asked about it a few times. My son asked me to leave it alone.

Well, Amy, this is driving me crazy and I cannot leave it alone.

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My oldest son and his wife are blessed with five boys and one girl. My princess granddaughter has just turned 13, and is going to her first cotillion ball. I would love for this child's father to give the ring to her as a promise ring to stay a virgin until she gets married, when another man would put another ring on her finger.

Of course, if I ever saw my daughter-in-law wearing the ring, I wouldn't ask for it back. Can you help me ask for it back?

-- Sad Heart

Dear Sad Heart: I'm not going to pass judgment on the idea of a father giving his daughter a "promise ring" to somehow magically guarantee her virginity until another man claims her.


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