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Supportive friend now needs same

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Missing: You will have to be brave enough to express yourself.

Say, "We enjoy being neighbors with you, but we really need you to respect the boundary between our yards. We consider our yard an extension of our house. When we're in our yard, I'd rather you not come through the gate unless we invite you."

You could also install some plantings along the fence and put an interior latch on your gate to increase your privacy.

Dear Amy: "Still Struggling" was concerned about his wife's long-ago sexual assault, as well as how to protect his two daughters.

I had a friend who, years later, went to counseling after such an assault, proving it's never too late to talk about it. She also took a self-defense class and asked me to join her, for mutual support.

This dad could be an advocate for his daughters if he sits down with them, under the premise of all the recent reporting, and suggests they take a similar class. Who knows, maybe mom would join them.

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-- Been There

Dear Been There: I love your suggestion. Thank you.


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