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Woman has transitioned from happy wife to 'old maid'

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am a healthy and vibrant 40-year-old woman in a same-sex marriage. After only six months of marriage, I feel like an old maid.

My wife and I have suffered a lot of turmoil in a short time, with a death in the family, job loss, illness, financial problems and exes trying to come between us.

I understand that these things could cause a rift. However, the rift comes in the form of my wife constantly arguing with me, putting me down, always yelling at me and having a terrible attitude toward me.

I can't ask a simple question without being verbally attacked. I've talked to my wife about this, and she doesn't see it.

She makes fun of me when I say she has an "attitude in her voice," telling me that I'm taking things the wrong way.

She was on the phone with her sister the other night and I started crying uncontrollably because of the way she spoke to her sister. She was loving and affectionate, softly encouraging and full of love.

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Amy, she hasn't spoken to me like that in months!

I feel like as soon as I said, "I do," all of her promises went out the window. I'm working twice as hard, she doesn't help with any household chores and I feel like her unappreciated servant.

When I bring this up, she accuses me of being mentally ill. She says that I need to be medicated and that we need counseling.

I agree with the counseling, but I do not have bipolar disorder, or any of the other mental illnesses she accuses me of having.


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