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Why watch videos where nothing happens?

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You seem to be bothered that the videos you saw were all of women doing these repetitive tasks, and although this seems "weird" to you, it doesn't seem to have a sexual component. There are also many videos available of men doing ASMR triggers, including calming videos from the late, great painting instructor Bob Ross (my nighttime drug of choice).

You might be able to help your husband here by personally recreating some of the triggers at home. You also might give this a try along with him, to see if you can experience this sensation, too. Otherwise, I don't think you should worry about it.

Dear Amy: Is there a term for when a person gives another person a gift but the gift is something the gift-giver likes but the gift-receiver does not necessarily like?

For example, a family member loves cats. She has many cat decorations in her home. I'm not what you would call a cat person. I don't dislike cats, but I also don't really have any affinity for them. The gift-giver knows this about me. And yet, every so often the giver will give as a gift an item -- usually a home decorative type item -- that is cat-themed.

I don't mind the gifts. But I think it's an odd thing for the giver to give.

My friends and I discussed this and we wondered if there was a term for this type of gift-giver.

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-- Wondering

Dear Wondering: I just call this "Aunt Betty."

Aunt Betty is an imaginary aunt who means well and is sweet and generous. Aunt Betty believes the adage that you should give people what you would most like to receive.


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