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Husband shoulders family's financial worries

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

The people who might be able to make her stop are her son and your daughter. You can control your own rage-response by reminding yourself that you are respecting the stated wishes of the young couple, and that you will continue to do so. This is a good thing.

Picture the mountain of material possessions this couple will receive over the years -- which they do not seem to want -- and congratulate yourself for keeping the holiday modest and appropriate.

Dear Amy: The letter from "Animal Loving Aunt" was so crazy. I couldn't believe you sided with this person, who obviously values her cats over human beings. What were you thinking?

-- Disappointed

Dear Disappointed: I didn't side with this aunt. I thought that describing her as a "bananas cat lady" in the first line of my response would have covered that.

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This particular letter has received an extremely heavy volume of responses. All seem to agree that it is the height of disrespect to disregard the needs of people in favor of these cats, who are easily transportable, and very forgiving.


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