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Survivor of childhood abuse continues to struggle

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My question is, should I go to London anyway, or should I accept it is over between us because of their meddling? He refuses to speak to me now and I don't know if I should keep fighting for our relationship or just accept and move on.

-- Meddled with by in-laws

Dear Meddled With: I love London and would never advocate not going there, but don't you want a husband who is going to fight for you and work on your relationship when you're both in the same city?

Your in-laws seem hell-bent on babying their son and breaking up your marriage. However, we can't blame it all on them: your husband is the one who let his parents send you away, and now he won't talk to you. He is making a choice, and he is choosing them. You should "keep calm and carry on."

If, despite all of this you do decide to go through with your trip, you will have to take responsibility for what happens next.

Dear Amy: Thank you so much for advocating for childhood literacy through your "Book on Every Bed" holiday campaign.

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This year, not only did we do this with our own children, but we "adopted" a local family and made sure their children also had books on their beds on Christmas morning.

-- Loving Literacy

Dear Loving Literacy: I am so proud to have spread this simple idea. Thank you for spreading it further.


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