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Girlfriend's jealousy might be justified

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

-- Angry

Dear Angry: Despite multiple "official" entreaties during the trailers for people to be quiet and not use their phones during a film, some people continue to behave as if they are in their living rooms.

If you didn't want to raise your voice to shush these people, then yes -- you should have worked your way past 10 people to get an usher.

I assume you would have gotten a round of applause.

Dear Amy: Like "Sad and Mad in California," my husband and I have wrestled with the heartbreak of addiction with one of our children. After many failed attempts to force him into recovery, we have had to preserve our own sanity by detaching from our son's addiction, and basically leave it up to the Lord.


-- Been There

Dear Been There: Admitting your own powerlessness is tough. I'm sorry.


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