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In-law reaction to cancer treatment creates rift

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I hope you are not serious that it would be better for this man to stay home than join in a family celebration empty-handed.

You could attempt to coach him to always bring a card with him. Cards make nice keepsakes for all of the events you mention. But a gift should not be required at any of these celebrations.

Dear Amy: I thought you were snarky in your response to "Wondering," the woman who reported that her live-in guy's mother, "Betty," came to their house every day, took care of their dogs and rearranged their furniture and cupboards while doing so.

This woman should not be in their house at all.

-- Upset

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Dear Upset: This couple was accepting "Betty's" free doggy day care. I suggested that "Upset" should communicate her concerns to Betty, but otherwise it might be worth it to put up with what she called "minor annoyances."


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