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Mother's pursuit may be pushing son away

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Bewildered: The way to appease your sister-in-law is to do what she wants. The degree to which this upsets your husband indicates his willingness to be manipulated by her. You should let him decide what to do, and back him up wholeheartedly, even if this means giving in.

My own reaction is that if you two ignore this tantrum and any surrounding drama, you will be establishing yourselves as a strong and confident couple.

Dear Amy: I believe you missed something in the letter from "Sad in Suburbia." This woman was upset because her parents didn't attend a ticketed award ceremony.

She should have graciously purchased tickets for her parents. This was an opportunity for her to honor their role in her life.

-- Faithful Reader

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Dear Faithful: That would have been a gracious and generous gesture on her part -- and it would have gotten her parents to the ceremony, which was her goal. Thank you.


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