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Mother's pursuit may be pushing son away

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Stop pursuing him about this.

Aggressively telling him, "It's OK to be gay!" might backfire, because as an emerging adult, he will push back at your maternal "permission" to be whoever he wants to be.

Your intentions are benign, but you don't get to out your son, and you shouldn't force him to explain or acknowledge something he may not yet want to label.

Dear Amy: My husband and I eloped in August, but my parents are hosting a reception luncheon for us in December.

They're having it at a nicer Italian restaurant, and our guest count is about 80 people. We all agreed that we would not have young children at the reception.

We invited his one sister's two children, who are over 10, but did not invite his other sister's two children, who are under the age of 4.

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We found a babysitter (a close family friend) to watch the two younger kids, so my husband's sister would be able to attend our reception.

Now she is very upset. She has said that we don't care about her family, and that if her kids aren't going, she won't attend. My husband has tried reaching out to her, but she is ignoring his calls and texts. He is very upset.

I don't know how to appease his sister, and I don't want my husband to be upset, especially during the holiday season. What should we do?

-- Bewildered Bride


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