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Mother's cancer gets in the way of a wedding

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

And here's your answer: The person who was raised by people who are worried about losing their deposit "if something happens."

And so -- if in the face of this information about your future family -- you still want to marry into the clan, then you should lobby to have this wedding sooner, rather than later. But I think this life-and-death episode has revealed something very important about them, and I hope you will pay close attention.

Dear Amy: My husband's sister came to visit us recently. From the minute she came in the door, she talked, nonstop, for an hour and 45 minutes. She talked about her life, complained about her husband, talked about her adult children and on and on.

She never once asked how we were or what we were up to.

The few times my husband or I tried to talk, she talked right over us.

She talks so fast and just keeps going. You can't get in a word!

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Finally, after an hour and 45 minutes, my husband said we had someplace to go.

She has always been self-absorbed, but has gotten worse, as all her kids have moved out and now have lives of their own.

Should my husband talk to her about this? He wants to tell her, in a nice way, that she's not the only one at this stage of life. He would like to tell her that conversation should be "give and take."

Some people advised that we shouldn't confront her with this.


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