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Parent wants in-laws to finance kids' higher education

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

-- Curious Mom

Dear Mom: Your daughter did everything right: She had something to share and she waited patiently for her opportunity. But the opportunity didn't present itself.

But please don't blame the teacher for missing her own teacher-cues during this particular encounter. Sometimes teachers are swamped after class and simply don't continue to focus their attention onto the little ones (although they should).

This should not be a crushing blow for either of you, but more of a "Dang! That's frustrating!" situation. You could ask your daughter to strategize about how she can get her teacher's attention before or after the next class in order to share her joke. She might want to write it down and put it in an envelope to give to her instructor. She could also get there a little early and say, "Excuse me, can I tell you a short joke?" while the other students are changing their shoes.

Your daughter deserves eye contact, a moment of undistracted attention and an appreciative smile from her teacher. I hope she gets it.

Dear Amy: Thank you for your response to "Concerned Dad," the man who didn't want his brother-in-law to bring his gun into the dad's household. I assume you've caught a lot of heat for being so passionately anti-gun, but I appreciated it.

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-- Another Concerned Dad

Dear Dad: Yes -- I am completely anti-gun when it comes to young children, because research clearly shows that kids are at great risk around firearms.

And because I believe in a person's individual rights and freedom, this includes their right not to have guns brought into their household.


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