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Parent wants in-laws to finance kids' higher education

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Upon completing their educations, the grandchildren could repay the loans directly to their grandparents, or (if the grandparents chose) directly into a charity the grandparents' chose.

Approach this with the very clear understanding that they have the right to make any financial decision they choose to make -- even if you don't like it. Investing in the educational future of deserving local students seems like a wise and generous choice for them to make. If you could put your children in this category, they might be willing to expand their investment.

Dear Amy: I could use advice in helping my 6-year-old with attention-seeking.

An example: After dance class, my daughter walked up to her teacher. The teacher skipped over her and disregarded her in order to talk to another student's mother.

After a while, I asked my daughter if she wanted to leave. She said no.

We waited in the lobby. The teacher walked right past us and left!

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My girl said, "...but I waited patiently!"

I was crushed for her! She just wanted to tell her teacher a joke, but the teacher didn't care!

I'm torn between anger at the teacher and wondering how to better teach social cues to my daughter.

What do you suggest?


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