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Daughter in stalemate withholds grandchild visits

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My wife walks with a cane and additional dogs at her feet make movement around the house difficult. We also don't want to be relied on to take care of dogs while everyone is off seeing the sights or visiting friends.

This has caused a rift within the family and numerous arguments.

I suggested that the dogs be boarded in one of the many doggie care centers in town (not at my expense). What would you suggest?

-- Watching Where I Step in Fla.

Dear Watching: Visiting animals present significant tripping (and other) hazards, and also put your own animal at some risk. I completely agree that visitors to your home be given a list of nearby kennels. This is not something you should have to explain too deeply, or apologize for.

Dear Amy: "Sad Dad" complained that his kids' grandparents boasted about spending a lot of time and "helping" with their grandchildren, when these same grandparents saw them quite infrequently.

I thought you were way too hard on him, Amy. Dad should ask all of these grandparents to define what they mean when they say they're "helping."

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This might be a question of differing definitions of what it means to help.

You should suggest communication, rather than blame this father for his perceptions.

-- Not Sad Dad

Dear Not Sad: It seemed to me that this dad's expectations were as outsized as the grandparents' perceptions. But I take your point and thank you for it.


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