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Parents get cranky about naptime schedule

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

This episode exposes the reality of parenthood: Parenting is a balancing act between control and letting go.

Your wife's overreaction to this is really an expression of her own anxiety. This is not about your daughter's well-being, but about her own.

Children do best when they can function in a variety of settings. At your daughter's age, I can hardly think of anything more delightful than being exposed to the colors and joyfulness of a little parade (her ears should be protected from loud parade noises, however). This is an opportunity to start the process of taking her further out into the world.

You should discuss these parenting concepts when you are not stressed by a specific issue. Your wife needs to experience the sensation of leaving your daughter in someone else's care, and having it all work out just fine.

I highly recommend the work of T. Berry Brazelton, whose "Touchpoints" series has helped guide many families through the early days of parenthood. Read, "Touchpoints: Birth to Three," co-written with Joshua D. Sparrow (2006, Da Capo Press). Reading this together might help you to compromise.

Dear Amy: I bought my boyfriend a gift for his birthday last year. I recently found out that he is selling the gift (online). I don't think he even realizes (or remembers) that I bought him that gift.

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He even showed me a photo of it, saying that he is selling it along with some other things. He said I could have it if I wanted. It really hurt me that he would sell it to make some quick cash. I am also very upset that he doesn't even remember that I gave it to him.

I haven't said anything to him yet, but I've been mad and distant from him. I also feel like our relationship isn't going anywhere. Every single thing he says makes me roll my eyes.

-- Don't Know What to Do

Dear Don't: I'm rolling my eyes (a little bit -- I don't want them to get stuck) at your own inability (or unwillingness) to simply say -- in the moment -- "Dude, what the...? Why are you selling the gift I gave you?"


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