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Family member enjoys degrading others

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am brokenhearted. I met my wife many years ago. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, she had just gotten married. I kept my feelings to myself.

Years passed and I got married, but I never forgot her, and eventually became good friends with her and her husband.

One day I bumped into her and we started talking about our lives. Her life was not good because her husband turned out to be a heavy drinker.

My life wasn't good either because I was married to someone I did not love.

She and I found love, left our spouses, and were so happy for 25 years, married to the loves of our lives.

Everyone goes through some bad times, and about 26 years into our marriage, we did, too. I never cheated on her, but I started taking some anxiety medication that was not good for me.

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To this day my wife hasn't forgiven me, and I don't know what to do.

It has been 10 years, and she treats me terribly.

I've tried everything, but I can't get her love back. We have been to counselors and clergy. I write to her every day to tell her how sorry I am, but she won't give in. In fact, she says that my writing to her is harassing, and she wants to be left alone.

She used to love me beyond words, but something just made her snap, and never come back.


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