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Internet matching leads to dog sitting

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I met my boyfriend (online) a year ago. I lived in another state, was independent and had a decent job, but struggled financially.

I have no family left. When my guy and I talked, it was electric! This man offered me so much. After only a few months, he asked me to move to his state. He said he would take care of me. He is seven years older than me (I'm no spring chicken).

We discussed this at great length. I didn't want to move and be stuck with some crazy lunatic.

After being here for a short time, our sex life went downhill. We now sleep in separate rooms. He has taken care of me financially (like he said he would). He has five corgis that I have fallen in love with, but I now feel like I am being used.

He has gone on several "work" trips, and I have kept his dogs. He is now planning a three-week trip, saying that it's "work," but signs (and my gut) say otherwise!

The problem is that I am broke and dependent on him. I feel I am being used as a housekeeper, cook, and dog watcher -- period.

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I am at a loss. I'm so scared to start over. I have health issues that prevent me from doing the type of job I'm used to.

If I catch him in this lie (my friend suggested a GPS tracker), do I have grounds to go to court to sue for financial aid?

He is good to me otherwise, although I do have issues with his racism and his habit of damming God.

Please help!


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