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Annie's Mailbox: Heartbroken in the Heart of Kansas

Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar on

Dear Annie: My fiancee, "Bob," and I have been together nearly two years, and we are going through a rough patch. My father and Bob have not been getting along for the past few months. Now, Bob refuses to go to any event that includes my family. Honestly, my father is ready to put it all behind him and work on a healthier relationship, but Bob is too stubborn to back down.

It hurts me that Bob cannot be friendly with my family. My aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents absolutely love the guy, but now he won't see them. Worse, our wedding is less than two months away, and Bob just informed me that he isn't ready to be married. We are still engaged, but the wedding is postponed and no future date has been set.

Annie, I love Bob very much. We are both young (in our very early 20s), but we've invested a lot in this relationship, and this is the first major rough spot we've hit. I've accepted Bob's decision to wait, but I am still hurt and confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -- Heartbroken in the Heart of Kansas

Dear Heartbroken: Bob is looking for a way out. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you, it simply means he has extremely cold feet. The last thing you need is a groom who is searching for an escape hatch.

Bob's overreaction to your father indicates immaturity and an unwillingness to work on problems. Don't pressure him to set another date. Instead, ask him to go with you for couples counseling. You need it.

Dear Annie: I was upset with your response to "Concerned Parent," whose young daughter slept over at a friend's house when the friend's father had a female sleeping with him.

How dare she or anybody else push values down our throats? "Concerned" stated that the father's girlfriend, a teacher, should "demonstrate better moral characteristics." How other people live their lives is no business of hers. He is not setting a poor example for his daughter. He is teaching her to live her own life regardless of what others think.


It is because of people like "Concerned," forcing her way of life on others, that this country I love is headed toward a communist society. People should be able to live any way they want without some religious freak telling them what to do. I doubt you will print this. -- Moral Enough

Dear Moral Enough: Communist society with religious freaks? Where? Parents have the right to know the circumstances surrounding a sleepover and to raise their children with a set of moral values to help them navigate the emotional upheavals of life. If you disagree with those values, you don't have to follow them. It's a free country last we checked. But thanks for voicing your opinion.

Dear Annie: You recently printed some letters about hearing loss. My mother has this problem, but hearing aids are expensive, and she isn't sure she can afford them. Is there any way she can get some financial assistance? -- Down South

Dear Down South: First, check your mother's insurance or Medicaid to see if hearing aids are covered, even partially. If that isn't a possibility, she can check her state vocational rehabilitation agencies (look in the Government section of the local telephone book), and contact the following organizations for information: SHHH (Self-Help for Hard of Hearing People) at; the Better Hearing Institute at 1-800-Ear-Well (1-800-327-9355) (; and look into the hearing aid recycling program at Lions Club International, 300 W. 22nd St., Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842 (


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