How to Correct Sagging Eyelids: A Health Guide


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Sometimes called droopy eyelids, sagging eyelids can be caused by a number of factors. These include family history, extreme fatigue, lack of strength in the facial muscles, and more.

Regardless, this issue can have serious negative effects, including reduced aesthetics and impaired vision.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to correct droopy eyelids. Wondering what they are? Here is your guide to eyelid correction!

Do Eyelid Exercises

Our first tip is for you to do eyelid exercises. There are all sorts of exercises you can do, and they’ll all help to improve the strength within your eyelids. The stronger your eyelids are, the less they will sag.

One of the best methods is to place your fingers under your eyelids, all the while trying to close them. This works in a way similar to that of weightlifting, but for the eyelids, of course.

You can also exercise your eyelids by blinking quickly in repetition, and rolling your eyes in repetition as well. Or, try one of these many other eyelid exercises.

Eat Plenty of Grapes

Your diet can have an effect on whether or not your eyelids droop. In particular, if your diet has plenty of resveratrol in it, your eyelids are less likely to droop. This is because resveratrol slows the aging of the cells in the body.

Know what food is filled with resveratrol? Grapes! Eat plenty of grapes on a regular basis, and keep that eye droop to a minimum!

Get More Sleep

Oftentimes, droopy eyelids are caused by a lack of sleep. As such, one way to counter such eyelids is to, well, sleep more. Make sure you’re sleeping at least 7 hours a night; if you’re getting less than that, you will be more prone to sagging eyelids.

Put Cucumber Slices Over Your Eyes

You likely know the old stereotype of people putting cucumber slices over their eyes as a means of relaxation. There’s a reason this stereotype exists: it has real-world benefits!

See, cucumber contains caffeic acid and ascorbic acid. These two acids not only help to reduce inflammation, but also tighten up the skin. Therefore, by applying cucumber slices to your eyelids, you help them to be as strong and lifted as possible.

Undergo Surgery

If all else fails, there is surgery available to fix drooping eyelids. This is commonly used for children with sagging eyelids, in particular, as they’re more prone to visual impairment. That said, plenty of adults get eyelid surgery as well.

If you’re interested in undergoing such surgery, speak to your doctor. For more information on the procedure, check out this page on eyelid surgery by Dr. Grover.

Time to Get Rid of Those Sagging Eyelids!

And there it is, that’s how to fix eyelids that sag. Put these tips into action, and you’ll escape those sagging eyelids in no time.

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