5 Drastic Signs You Need Night Guards for Grinding Teeth


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Around 40 million people in the US grind their teeth as they sleep. That’s a pretty wild statistic about a problem that so often goes unnoticed by the vast majority of us.

So, if you’re one of the millions of Americans that grind their teeth at night, what are some solutions or protections you should look into? Are night guards for grinding teeth a potential solution for this all-too common dental problem? Can they relieve jaw pain and facial soreness?

Read on for our guide to the signs you might need night guards for grinding teeth and find out whether they could help you!

1. Unexplained Dental Damage

Do you find your teeth wearing, or even cracking, with seemingly no explanation? Do you maintain good dental hygiene but find that you still have a dental problem or two?

These could be signs that you’re teeth grinding at night. In order to prevent the possibility of further damage, it’s time to look into grabbing some night guards to prevent more worn teeth.

2. Waking Up With Unexplained Headaches

Headaches, even unexplained headaches, are pretty common for all of us. Sometimes your head just hurts for some reason, be it hunger, thirst, or something else.

But if you find that you are regularly waking up with a headache, it could be a sign you’ve been grinding your teeth in your sleep. If you’re encountering this along with other problems, it could be time for dental services.

3. Difficulty Chewing

Your teeth, left to their own devices, fit together pretty well. That fit allows you to do things like properly chew food, which we can all agree is a pretty handy skill to have.

So if you’re suddenly having trouble chewing food, what could be the issue? Well, it could be that your teeth have had their ‘natural fit’ worn away by nighttime grinding.

4. Tired Facial Muscles

Do your jaw muscles and other assorted facial muscles often feel worn out, like you’ve been chewing some incredibly food for a really long time? Well, guess what, grinding your teeth while you sleep can wear out the muscles in your face. This could be yet another sign of teeth grinding.

5. Sleep Disruption

Finally, if you find yourself waking up in the middle of night for no reason on a frequent basis, it could be because your teeth grinding has begun to interrupt your sleep. There are lots of different reasons for sleep disruption, so it’s by no means a sure thing, but it could definitely be a sign of a problem.

Night Guards for Grinding Teeth: A Possible Essential

So there you have it, a quick guide to a few signs that you might need night guards for grinding teeth. Noticing that you have an issue with nighttime teeth grinding can often be the hardest part, so hopefully this guide helps you catch your problem before it does any serious damage.

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