Squeaky Clean: 5 Reasons to Rent a Portable Shower


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Chances are you’ve heard of portable toilets, but did you know there’s a such thing as a portable shower? While you might understand the reason for porta potties, you may not be aware of the benefits of renting portable showers.

If you’re curious to learn why portable showers are a good idea, check out the information below.

1. Bathroom Remodeling

Although it’s nice to upgrade your bathroom, nothing’s more inconvenient than not having access to the shower. One of the advantages of using a portable hot water shower is that you can remodel your home without interruption.

So, instead of rushing your renovations, you can allow the contractors to take their time, and still enjoy all of the standard amenities that come with bathrooms.

2. Camping

Camping trips are a lot of fun. However, they’re not very accommodating when it comes to modern technology. Thankfully, a portable shower can make camping that much more enjoyable.

You can connect with nature and take advantage of all of today’s modern advancements. It’s a win-win!

3. Sports Events

Nothing’s worse than not being able to take a shower—especially after you’ve gotten hot and sweaty. Athletes are all too familiar with this type of experience.

But now, instead of having to take a long, smelly drive home, sports competitors have the option to shower right where they are. It makes staying on top of hygiene that much easier.

4. Beating the Heat

Whether you’re putting on an outdoor event or you have employees that work in the sun, heat exhaustion can cause many problems. One of the best ways to combat extreme heat is by taking a shower.

A portable shower is a great amenity to provide event attendees, as well as job site workers. You can set it up to make it available for anybody who wants to take advantage of it.

5. Music Festivals

Speaking of outdoor events, music festivals are some of the largest gatherings that lead to hot and sweaty guests. Not only that, but when it rains during outdoor festivals, there’s plenty of dirt and mud that could ruin everyone’s day.

But instead of only providing portable toilets for festival attendees, why not also offer a portable shower trailer? This provides guests with the opportunity to freshen up if need be. Plus, if their legs and arms are full of mud, they won’t have to drive home looking like they’ve been mud wrestling.

Are you convinced that portable showers are worth the investment? If you are, follow the highlighted link to learn more about the advantages of portable restrooms.

Taking Advantage of a Portable Shower

As you can see, renting a portable shower isn’t a bad idea. Think of all those times when you desperately needed to clean off, but you had to wait. Portable showers are a game changer!

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