How to Get Better at Running: 4 Effective Tips


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Are you trying to be a better runner? There are so many benefits of running, and people seem to enjoy it, so why can’t you?

Many people, even if they know how to start running, struggle with improvement. They don’t know how to get better at running once they know the basics.

We’re here to help with a few running tips to get you started. Keep reading to learn our favorite pieces of running advice.

1. Find the Right Gear

When you’re trying to improve your running ability, it might be time to improve your gear. While beginners can often get by with the bare essentials (or nothing at all), when you hit a plateau, getting new gear can help.

Start with shoes. Figure out what kinds of shoes work best for you. Some people like shoes with a lot of cushion, like Hoka running shoes (find out where to buy Hoka running shoes here if this sounds like you).

Other people prefer shoes with less between their feet and the ground. If you’re into barefoot running, get “barefoot-style” shoes or consider trying skate shoes.

2. Make It Fun

Many people struggle with improvement because they get bored. While most people end up enjoying running once they’re good at it, that “runner’s high” doesn’t come right away. That means that you have to make it enjoyable on your own.

If you’re running indoors or somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of visually stimulating scenery, try putting on podcasts that interest you while you run. You’ll notice that time goes by faster when you’re paying attention to a story.

If you’re able to get outdoors, change up your route every now and again to keep it interesting. If you’re lucky, you live somewhere scenic to make this even better.

3. Start Slow

Everyone knows that you have to start slow, but how slow? That’s right: start slower.

Start with walks. You’re going to get frustrated from time to time, but starting by walking will prepare you for a better run, even if it’s just a warmup before running later during your session.

When you start going faster, jog slow enough that it feels uncomfortable. Pretend that you’re an astronaut trying to jog on the moon. This will feel weird, but it will help you run for longer periods of time and build stamina.

4. Track Your Progress

So what happens when you start to speed up or run for longer distances?

It’s crucial to track your progress carefully as you go. This will keep you feeling motivated and ready to continue running even when you don’t feel like it.

You can track with time or distance. If you’re tracking your distance, consider using a tracker app to measure your runs. This way, you can keep track and see when you improve without putting in too much effort.

If you’re focusing on time or speed, time your miles. You can also do this with an app. If you’re not ready to run multiple miles, set your own course, even if it’s a few blocks, and track how long it takes you during every session.

How to Get Better at Running: The Right Way

Figuring out how to get better at running might feel like “spinning your wheels” sometimes, but progress is right around the corner. Don’t give up. As long as you stay consistent, you’ll discover that you’ll continue improving even if you feel stagnant.

Get out there and start running!

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