What Are the Different Types of Braces That Orthodontists Use Today?


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Do you have misaligned teeth and are looking for ways to straighten your smile?

Braces might be the answer.

Once you consult with an orthodontist about your treatment plan, be prepared to make some hard decisions. That’s because conventional metal braces are no longer the only option. Today’s orthodontists have different types of braces that fit every lifestyle.

Read on to learn the different ways you can get your teeth straightened by an orthodontist.

Metal Braces

Classic metal braces are still the go-to choice for fixing crooked teeth.

Rest assured, today’s metal braces are lighter, smaller, and more comfortable than a generation ago.

Metal braces attach to the teeth and an archwire runs through the brackets. Small elastic bands keep the wire in place. The wire system applies pressure on the teeth. An orthodontist adjusts the wire to move the teeth into alignment.

Consult a local orthodontist who can recommend the best type of braces for you.

Ceramic Braces

For those who don’t want their smile to be a mouthful of gleaming metal, ceramic braces are a good alternative.

This choice works the same way as traditional metal braces. Ceramic braces come in a variety of colors, so patients can choose a color that matches their teeth, making braces less conspicuous.

Removable Aligners

Another popular way to get a straighter smile is with clear removable aligners.

These plastic aligners fit in your mouth like a mouthguard. The trays switch out about every two weeks. The custom-molded trays gently shift the teeth.

This orthodontic option is popular because the trays are transparent. Often friends don’t even realize someone is wearing braces.

Lingual Braces

If you like the advantage of invisibility, some of the best braces are lingual braces. These braces attach to the backside of the teeth, so the hardware is not visible when you smile.

They are hidden from view because the customized metal brackets face the tongue.

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to fix misaligned teeth, lingual braces give you the benefit of orthodontics with added anonymity.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating braces are another inconspicuous way to get a winning smile.

These braces are like conventional metal braces. The brackets, which come in metal or ceramic, attach to the teeth. In this case, there are no elastic bands.

The archwire attaches to the bracket with clips. As your orthodontist evaluates your progress, the clips can be opened and closed to make adjustments.

One advantage to self-ligating braces is that patients report a more comfortable experience and tend to wear the braces for a shorter length of time.

Know the Different Types of Braces

Now that you know the different types of braces that orthodontists use to straighten teeth, it’s time to decide which route to take.

There’s no right or wrong answer. The decision comes down to a personal choice.

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