Does Physical Therapy Really Work?


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If you’ve gotten referred to physical therapy, you may be wondering about the benefits. Currently, there are over 300 million physical therapy visits each year!

When injured, some people may think their only option is to see a surgeon. You may want to try conservative methods first. Keep on reading to learn about the benefits of physical therapy and if it’s a good choice for you.

What Is Physical Therapy?

A physical therapist is an expert in how the body moves. When you visit a physical therapy clinic, you’ll get an assessment of your mobility.

Physical therapy uses your body movements to relieve pain and improve flexibility. Depending on your need, physical therapy can involve weights, machines, bands, and walking.

To get the benefits of physical therapy, you need to attend scheduled appointments. These can last around an hour, and you will get hands-on treatment during your visit.

Physical Therapy Benefits

The benefits of physical therapy vary from person to person. Many see improvements in pain within a few days to a week. Others may take longer. Much of that will depend on you doing the exercises you get assigned to do at home.

One of the main physical therapy benefits is pain reduction. Many people choose this to avoid invasive surgical procedures.

Doctors may prescribe physical therapy for balance issues. When patients have fallen and have trouble staying mobile, physical therapy can help.

There are rehab benefits of physical therapy also. After surgery, joints and other areas can get stiff and remain painful. A physical therapy clinic can provide the tools to get out of pain so you can get back to doing all the things you enjoy.

Stroke patients may reap the benefits of physical therapy. Some have to relearn how to do everyday tasks. Physical therapy can help them progress to each level as needed. You can see more in-depth services at

When to Get Physical Therapy

You don’t have to get hurt to see the benefits of physical therapy. People suffer from different pains that can get treated at a physical therapy clinic. Sometimes specific stretches can do wonders for pain relief.

Most doctors like to refer to physical therapy before sending a patient to a specialist. If an invasive procedure can get avoided, it will be better for your body. Many insurance companies insist on a conservative method of treatment before others.

Getting Better Fast

Although physical therapy takes time, there are things you can do to help the process. Make sure you do the exercises your physical therapist suggests. Stick with it, even if it hurts at first.

Perform the exercises at the frequency directed. If your physical therapist tells you to do a set three times per week, try your best to follow that routine.

With some perseverance, you may feel better than you did before you ever had pain. Put in the work and take an active role in your healthcare! Follow our site for more lifestyle articles like this!




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