Functional Medicine: What It Is and How It Will Benefit You


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Did you know that nearly half (45%) of the American population suffers from one or more chronic diseases and that number keeps growing? It seems obvious that there is something inherently wrong with the way conventional medicine deals with disease.

That’s where functional medicine comes in. Functional medicine does things differently from allopathic medicine and that’s why it’s taking the modern world by storm. Keep reading to learn what is functional medicine and what are some of its benefits.

Functional Medicine Focuses on Treating the Whole Patient

At its core, functional medicine uses food as medicine to treat, reverse, and prevent chronic diseases. It’s all about treating the whole patient, not just their symptoms (as allopathic medicine would). It also doesn’t exclude the possibility of dysfunction of the mind and spirit causing disease in the body.

How Does Functional Medicine Work?

A functional medicine doctor will work with you as a co-pilot in this healing journey. They will try to understand your unique biochemical functionality to see what is causing your illness. Once they understand the interplay of mind, body, and spirit in the cause of your illness, they will create a long-term plan in partnership with you to heal your disease.

What Are Some Benefits of Functional Medicine?

The primary benefit of functional medicine has to be its focus on causes vs symptoms. They aren’t focused on healing the symptoms of your illness, like conventional medicine. BUT, they are more about fixing the causes of the disease.

What caused you to get the illness in the first place? Was it poor diet, or your lifestyle habits? All this needs to be addressed first to fix your illness, otherwise, the illness will repeat or become chronic.

Another benefit is that functional medicine doctors do not treat you or your suggestions as ridiculous in your care. You are in partnership with the functional doctor and every healing plan will include you and your ideas in full. IT is your body so you should be completely involved in healing it, right?

Functional medicine also uses the latest research to diagnose and heal you, without waiting for approval from Big Pharma. It’s all about using natural medicine (mostly from healing plants).

Finally, the functional medicine doctor focuses more on prevention rather than cure. Its main intention is to get you and your body to a state where your natural healing modalities can kick in and do the job. The human body is intelligent and knows more than conventional or allopathic medicine would have you believe.

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Find Your Functional Medicine Doctor

As you can see there are many reasons to tune in to the power of functional medicine. If allopathic medicine has failed you or if you are searching for a natural alternative, functional medicine can help you.

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