Top 5 Coronavirus Myths You Should Know Aren’t True


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Have you ever heard the rumor that coronavirus can be swallowed away with hot water? How about the one about how vitamin supplements can cure COVID19?

With hundreds of rumors on vaccination deficiencies, COVID19 safety protocols, and disease spread, you should be able to separate fact from fiction.

Thankfully, COVID19 vaccinations are currently rolling out in America. As the world slowly returns to normalcy, there are still a few misconceptions about the pandemic.

Here are five of the most common coronavirus myths, busted!

1. Antibiotics Kill Coronavirus

The coronavirus is a virus, not a bacteria.

Antibiotics or antibacterial soaps only kill off bacteria. Antibiotics can be prescribed to an individual with COVID19 who suffers from a bacterial infection in their lungs. However, antibiotics never kill the coronavirus; it only treats the symptoms.

2. Rubbing Alcohol on Your Skin Protects You From COVID19

This is one of the more complicated COVID myths.

Alcohol of at least 60% ethanol is effective for killing the virus, but it is not safe to be rubbing on your skin.

Abrasive chemicals such as ethanol and bleach should not be used on your skin regularly. You can get serious skin damage from these solutions and still get infected.

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that is best prevented with proper protection of the mouth and nose.

3. Wearing a Mask Is a Failproof Method of Protection

Wearing a mask is a very important safety measure everyone should take when they are around people they haven’t been living with.

Masks increase the safety of all individuals in a shared space. However, it is important to consider the fit of the mask, as well as the material of the mask.

A cloth mask on its own may fit around someone’s face well, but it does not have the appropriate filters to block out the coronavirus.

While a disposable mask has microfibers that filter out air particles, the fit may be loose, partially exposing the individual.

To protect yourself effectively, you can find out more about the differences between cloth and disposable masks.

4. The COVID19 Vaccine Harms Female Fertility

There are also plenty of rumors on the coronavirus vaccine, making people hesitant to take it.

One false report indicated that the vaccine contains a spike protein like the one that attaches itself to the placenta during pregnancy. This caused many to believe that the vaccine will affect fertility and pregnancy.

However, these two proteins are completely different from one another.

COVID19 vaccines have been thoroughly tested, and are deemed safe for pregnant women.

5. Complete Immunity After Recovering From COVID19

Many believe that they are completely immune to coronavirus after having recovered from it.

In fact, people who have recovered from COVID19 are supposed to have 95% immunity for up to 8 months after.

Although this is hopeful, there is no guarantee that individuals who have recovered from the disease won’t get infected again by a new strain. Getting the COVID19 vaccine is the best way to ensure safety from the virus.

Reveal These Coronavirus Myths

Misinformation about COVID19 can pose a danger to everyone involved. Next time your friends and family express belief in some coronavirus myths, inform them of their mistake and educate them on the issue.

Everyone must work together to work towards recovery.

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