Career Outlook: 4 Reasons to Pursue a Dental Assistant Degree


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Should I pursue a dental assistant degree? Is it worth the money? Does the career offer any real progression prospects?

If these are the kind of questions that are ringing through your mind, it’s clear a part of you wants to become a dental assistant but a part of you is also developing cold feet. This is understandable and frankly, it happens to almost everyone who’s looking to start a new career.

We’re here to make your decision-making process easier.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of reasons why pursuing a career as a dental assistant is a smart move.

Read on!

1. Love Helping Other People? Perfect Career

If you’re the kind of person who naturally helps loving other people, you’ll find a lot of joy and satisfaction in being a dental assistant.

Being a healthcare career, dental assisting is all about helping people improve their oral health. Especially if you’ll be a dental assistant with expanded functions, which is easy to become if you pursue a program like UMA dental assistant training program, you’ll be in a position to work on patients and do tasks like polishing their teeth.

Overall, a dental assistant job will put you face to face with people from all walks of life every day. You’ll work under a licensed dentist, but you’ll both have one goal: making a patient’s life better.

2. Strong Job Growth

With a 7 percent growth rate within the next decade, dental assisting is growing faster than most occupations in the United States. The national average growth rate is 5 percent.

What does this mean for you as a prospective dental assistant?

Although it doesn’t mean there are more jobs than can be filled, it does mean you won’t spend several weeks or even months looking for a job. Competition for employment is there, yes, but as long as you’re professionally trained, you’ll have an advantage over those who’re looking to get a job with just a high school diploma.

You can find employment in private dental clinics, physician’s offices, and hospitals.

3. Attractive Compensation

The mean annual wage for dental assistants is $41,470 (as of 2020), but it’s possible to earn more than $55,000 depending on your location and qualification.

For a job that you can get with just a high school diploma and some on-the-job training, you’ve got to admit that this is attractive compensation. Even if you’re starting with an associate degree, the salary is still on par with what other associate degree holders in other professions earn.

Regardless of how passionate your job, what you take home at the end of the day matters. And as a dental assistant, the take-home pay is enough to earn you a decent living.

4. Low Qualification Bar

At most, you need an associate degree and an occupational license to become a dental assistant. This will take you about two years.

At least, you need a high school diploma, which means you can get the job right after high school. You’ll, however, undergo extensive on-the-job training.

Regardless of the path you choose, you have an easier route into a dental career. This is unlike dentists who have to spend no less than 8 years in college.

You Have Good Reasons to Pursue a Dental Assistant Degree

A dental assistant degree will give you a solid preparation for a career as a dental assistant. It takes two years to complete, giving you a head start in your career life, compared to your peers who have to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Plus, becoming a dental assistant has many tangible benefits.

Get started today and keep coming back to our blog for more career advice.




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