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Persons with diabetes (see Stories for the Waiting Room below) have trouble maintaining healthy levels of insulin in their blood, which requires some of them to externally supplement through injections or a pump. To make that process easier, researchers have been investigating implanting insulin-producing designer cells in capsules that can be controlled through signals such as light, temperature or electric fields.

In the latest effort, they've tried music with sound frequencies and volume levels acting as the triggers. The approach appears to be promising, especially using some types of music. In experiments, Queen's "We Will Rock You" was particularly effective.

Body of Knowledge

The Egyptians, who encountered it while preparing mummies, called the appendix "the worm" for its small, squishy, tubular shape.

Get Me That, Stat!

Low-dose aspirin has been linked to anemia in older adults. A study found that otherwise healthy adults in Australia (over age 70) and in the U.S. (over 65) who took a regular low-dose aspirin to reduce risk of heart attack or stroke were 20% more likely to be anemic than a group taking a placebo.


The anemia was likely caused by minor internal bleeding over time.


100 -- Amount, in dollars, that half of surveyed Americans say they would pay each month to get their hands on one of the new, highly touted weight loss drugs: Wegovy, Ozempic or Mounjaro.

33 -- Percent who say they would pay whatever they could afford indefinitely


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