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Source: JAMA Otolaryngology

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Gossypiboma: a term to describe a foreign object, such as a mass of surgical sponge, mistakenly left inside a patient's body after a surgical procedure. Also sometimes called a textiloma or cottonoid.

Mania of the Week

Klazomania: a compulsion to shout or scream

Food for Thought


Liquid smoke is a byproduct of burning wood. The exhaust of a wood fire is primarily smoke and steam; fire produces water in the form of vapor, and this vapor, condensed through a cooled tubing, captures the smoke. The liquid is distilled into a concentrate and filtered of impurities, i.e., soot and ash.

Best Medicine

Q: A doctor, health insurance agent and lab technician walk into a bar. Who pays the tab?

A: The patient.


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