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Air on the Side of Caution

Scott LaFee on

No. 1: Organization. The obsession with making sure things are precisely in the right place or symmetrical.

No. 2: Contamination. The obsession that people can spread nonviral illnesses through touch or proximity or that everyday things, thoughts or words can "contaminate" a person, making them feel unclean.

No. 3: Intrusive thoughts. Sufferers experience disturbing or abhorrent ideas that pop into their heads seemingly at random.

No. 4: Ruminations. Similar to intrusive thoughts, though they may not be disturbing or abhorrent. They just don't go away.

No. 5: Checking. An obsession about causing damage or being harmed by carelessness, resulting in checking and rechecking of items or conditions.


Curtain Calls

Marlon Pistol was a children's entertainer whose act famously included a giant blow-up elephant called Colonel Jumbo. In 2005, while driving along a California highway on his way to a gig, the 20-foot Jumbo suddenly began to inflate, filling the cab almost instantly and causing Pistol to crash, killing him.


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