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5 million: Confirmed deaths around the world due to COVID-19, including more than 745,000 in the United States (the world leader)

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Mark Your Calendar

December is a light month for official health awareness notes, though appropriately, it's national safe toys and gifts month. Tucked into December, however, are awareness weeks for hand-washing and influenza vaccination.

Stories for the Waiting Room

A vomitorium is not what it sounds like: a place to vomit. The word, derived from the Latin vomere, meaning "to spew forth," isn't much used anymore because, well, the word "exit" does the same job with six fewer letters. A vomitorium back in the days of ancient Rome referred to the exits (and sometimes entrances) of public amphitheaters.


That's not to say ancient Romans (or modern versions, for that matter) didn't vomit -- sometimes on purpose. The orator Cicero in his "Pro Rege Deitaro" (45 B.C.) says Julius Caesar "expressed a desire to vomit after dinner."

Where Caesar rendered, however, is not known.

By the way, the medical term for vomiting is emesis.

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