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Personality and Alzheimer's Disease

Scott LaFee on

Oroville Hospital, Oroville, California

University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus, Baltimore

Doc Talk

Orthopnoea: breathless while lying down

Phobia of the Week

Hygrophobia: fear of dampness, which is not to be confused with a fear of fog, known as homichlophobia


Never Say 'Diet'

The Major League Eating record for jellied cranberry sauce is 13.23 pounds in eight minutes, held by Juliet Lee. This month, we'll note some holiday-themed records held by professionals, though as amateurs, many of us will do our best when the day comes.

Food for Thought

Caramel coloring sounds pretty -- and pretty innocuous. However, the additive to snacks, candy, soft drinks and baked goods is made by treating sugar with ammonia, which can produce possible cancer-causing byproducts. The International Agency for Research on Cancer ruled in 2011 that caramel coloring is "possibly carcinogenic to humans."


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