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Doses In Abundance

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Basically, the authors looked at the distance between the end of a necktie and the belt buckle, which increases with girth and weight -- a syndrome that they suggested represents a widespread but undiagnosed condition.

Medical Myths

There is no empirical evidence to suggest sugar is a) addictive, b) makes children hyperactive or c) directly causes diabetes or cancer. Of course, too much sugar in the diet can lead to obesity, a risk factor for Type 2 diabetes, and overconsumption is associated with multiple negative health effects, including kidney damage, hip fractures and cellular aging.

Med School

Q: When a sperm fertilizes an egg, what is the result called?

a) a fetus

b) a neonate

c) a gamete


d) a zygote

A: d) a zygote. Egg and sperm are known as gametes. When they join together to form a single cell, they are called a zygote. An embryo describes early development, based on gestational age; fetus describes later development. A neonate is an infant less than four weeks old.

Curtain Calls

The first known fatality from a powered airplane crash was 1st Lt. Thomas Selfridge (1882-1908), who was riding as a passenger on a demonstration flight of a plane being considered by the U.S. Army Signal Corps. The combined weight of Selfridge and the pilot proved too much, and the plane failed mid-flight, crashing at Fort Myer in Virginia. The pilot was Orville Wright, who survived but suffered serious injuries.


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