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Doses In Abundance

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With vaccination rates slowing (or never really getting momentum) in some parts of the country, U.S. public health officials have begun to worry about unused COVID-19 vaccines going to waste as their expiration dates come up this summer. Authorities estimate there are enough doses at risk to vaccinate more than 13 million people.

A Pox On Monkeys

Health officials have been monitoring roughly 200 people in 27 states after they came in contact with a U.S. resident who had contracted monkeypox during a visit to Nigeria. Rarely seen in people, monkeypox is caused by a virus related to smallpox, the only human virus that has been eradicated. Monkeypox causes a less severe illness, but can be deadly, with a fatality rate of 10%.

No additional cases have been identified.

Body of Knowledge

A woman's brain becomes smaller and more efficient during pregnancy, according to published research. The shrinkage in specific regions helps focus functions vital to motherhood, such as emotional attachment and threat detection.


Get Me That, Stat!

In a survey of adolescents and their parents, conversations about puberty, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and birth control were generally deemed important, but less than one-third of adolescents said they had spoken to their pediatricians about anything beyond puberty.


17: Estimated number, in millions, of routine childhood vaccinations disrupted globally by the pandemic


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