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Cancer Deaths Are Down -- And Up

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Overall, cancer deaths continue to decline, but the news isn't universally good. Between 2001 and 2018, lung cancer deaths steeply declined, as did rates for melanoma, female breast and colorectal cancers.

Cancer incidence rates are higher for men, but increasing among women. Black people have lower rates of cancer incidence than white people, but higher mortality rates.

Cancer rates among children are climbing, as are rates for cancers such as leukemia, brain and lymphoma.

Bringing Better Health With Them

Recent immigrants to the U.S. are less likely to have chronic health conditions than other demographic groups, according to new research. Roughly one-third of immigrants who have been in the U.S. less than five years reported excellent health, and 42% of those in the country longer than five years. By comparison, just 27% of U.S.-born adults said they were in excellent health.

Regardless of U.S. citizenship status, immigrants tended to have lower rates of hypertension, heart disease and asthma compared to U.S.-born residents. They were also less likely to have health insurance or regular medical care.


Body of Knowledge

The human body is covered in stripes called Blaschko's Lines, which are typically invisible. They are consistently V-shaped on the upper spine, S-shaped on the abdomen, inverted U-shaped from the breast area to the upper arm, and perpendicular down the front and back of the lower extremities. They are artifacts of the pathways of epidermal cell migration and proliferation during fetal development.

Named after the German dermatologist Alfred Blaschko, who first described them.

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