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Pandemic's Toll on Mental Health

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A single human hair is roughly 500 to 800 times the size of an ultra-fine particle of air pollution coming from car exhaust or burning wood or coal. These particles are believed to play major roles in the development of asthma in children, even more so than larger particles because they can be more easily inhaled and pass through the lungs into the bloodstream. Airborne concentrations of ultra-fine particles, however, are not federally regulated.

Mark Your Calendar

September is a particularly busy month for health awareness: blood cancer, aging, childhood obesity, cholesterol, food safety, pediculosis (head lice), sickle cell, ovarian and prostate cancers, pain, sepsis and atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat). September is also national awareness month for yoga, which may come in handy after being aware of so many other things.


334.5: Annual estimated cost, in billions of dollars, if all 5.8 million Medicare-eligible adults with Alzheimer's disease began taking the newly approved drug Aduhelm


695.9: Entire Department of Defense budget this year, in billions

Source: STAT

Stories for the Waiting Room

Almost one in four parents fret that their child is not reaching developmental milestones at the right pace, according to a University of Michigan survey, but almost one-fifth of those parents did not bring their concerns to physicians or child care providers.


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