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That's Happy Meal in Spanish, but you already know that if you've been paying attention to TV ads. A new report says the fast food industry spent $5 billion on advertising their products in 2019, most of which targeted Black and Hispanic youth.

That's $400 million more than in 2012. Spending on Spanish advertising in 2019 increased 33% since 2012. Black youth saw 75% more fast food ads in 2019 than white peers, according to Nielsen data.

Body of Knowledge

An infected appendix doesn't actually burst. It just gets clogged and leaks fluids that can infect other tissues. Nonetheless, a "burst appendix" is a medical emergency because, untreated, it can cause a life-threatening abdominal infection called peritonitis.

Get Me That, Stat!

The U.S. government is investing more than $3 billion toward finding new antiviral pills to treat COVID-19. More than $1 billion will go toward creating new antiviral drug discovery centers whose primary purpose will be developing therapies for coronaviruses before expanding to other viruses that could trigger pandemics.


Stories for the Waiting Room

Over the course of life, you shed many, many layers of skin. So why do tattoos stick around? It's a consequence of your immune system. The puncture of the tattoo needle causes inflammation in the dermis, the skin's middle layer. In response, white blood cells known as macrophages rush in to help heal the damage. These macrophages "eat" the dye and can pass it to newer macrophages when they die, so the pigment is essentially transferred from one cell to another. Any leftover pigment is soaked up by fibroblasts, which are longer-lasting skin cells that don't regenerate as often.

Doc Talk

Chartomegaly: a patient with a large and growing medical chart.


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