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In the early months of the pandemic, telehealth use rose dramatically. But fewer people are using digital tools to connect with their doctor these days. Claims for telehealth service fell 5% in March of this year from February, which fell 16% from January.

Possible reasons include the use of vaccines, which has made it easier for patients to visit clinics. Mental health remains the top telehealth service.

Make That Another, and Another

Nearly one in four U.S. adults say they routinely have three or more alcoholic beverages during one sitting, according to a new national poll out of the University of Michigan. One in 10 said they also partake of other substances, such as marijuana, that can interact with alcohol in risky ways.

Nearly 15% said their drinking increased during the pandemic, primarily to cope with boredom, pain, stress or boost their spirits, so to speak.

Body of Knowledge


Blood makes up about 8% of your total body weight.

Get Me That, Stat!

Postpartum mental health visits rose 30% more than expected during the pandemic, according to new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.



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