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Pandemic Linked to Fewer Deaths

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Last year's lockdowns, which were enacted to combat the spread of COVID-19, may have saved up to 32,000 lives due to lowered emissions from vehicles and coal-powered electricity plants.

Researchers looked at 252 regions around the world and found a reduction in airborne pollutants. The benefit was most pronounced in China, where nitrogen dioxide emissions were reduced acutely, translating into roughly 21,000 lives likely saved from the harmful effects of air pollution.

Body of Knowledge

Human fingertips can distinguish between smooth glass and glass with an etched pattern no deeper than 1/2,500 of an inch.

Get Me That, Stat!

A special report commissioned by the journal Lancet estimates that by 2030, 35% of all deaths in women globally will be due to heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.


Stories for the Waiting Room

Using data between 2017 and 2019, U.S. poison control centers found that two-thirds of cannabis-related calls were for plant materials while the rest were for manufactured products, such as edibles and concentrates.

Call frequency increased, too, from 11% for marijuana-related calls in 2017 to nearly 56% in 2019. Calls about exposures to edibles most often involved kids. And while most exposures to manufactured products didn't lead to serious medical outcomes, those involving vaporized liquid were most likely to have serious consequences.

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