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Got Those Genes at Half-Price

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Some folks are seemingly obsessed with bargain hunting or extreme couponing. Assumed to be a habit copied from parents, a new study published in The Journal of the Association for Consumer Research suggests there might actually be a genetic component.

Researchers studied more than 100 pairs of twins (identical and fraternal), comparing their proclivity for searching out deals of all types, from discounts to promotions that involve bonuses like a free gift. They concluded that 70% of the twins' variability in "deal proneness" is associated with genetic factors, which was strongest in identical twins.

Aging Faster Than Time

Chronological age is a measurement of how long you have been alive. It's measured in days, months and years. Biological age is an assessment of how well your body is aging regardless of how old you are chronologically.

Body mass index, smoking, depression and gender (being male) are all factors that negatively influence biological age, that make your body older than time alone would suggest. But when combined, these factors are exponentially more influential to physical and mental health (in a bad sort of way).

Specifically, new research shows that three things interacting are especially worrisome: being male, having a high body mass index and smoking. All together, they age a person exponentially more than each indicator does alone.


Body of Knowledge

Researchers have identified 32 gene regions responsible for shaping facial features, such as the nose, lips, jaw and brows. Researchers said one of the genes appears to be inherited from the Denisovans, an extinct group of humans who lived tens of thousands of years ago.

Get Me That, Stat!

Roughly 1 in 5 Americans has a sexually transmitted infection on any given day, report researchers in Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the journal of the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association. That works out to 68 million folks, mostly ages 15 to 24. Most STIs are preventable and treatable. The most common conditions were HIV and HPV. Untreated, some other STIs can increase the risk of HIV infection.


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