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Make a Clean Getaway

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Get Me That, Stat!

Smoking history and whether one has quit the habit has a significant bearing on the risk of becoming hospitalized or dying after COVID-19 infection. Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic measured smoking in pack years among more than 7,100 COVID-19 patients diagnosed from March to August 2020 and found that people who smoked the most were more than twice as likely to require hospitalization and almost twice as likely to die compared to never-smokers.

Mark Your Calendar

March is awareness month for ovarian cancer, deep vein thrombosis, endometriosis, brain tumors, colorectal cancer and beds. Sleep on that.


1: number of years life expectancy declined in the U.S. in the first half of 2020, largely due to the death toll from COVID-19 pandemic


77.8: current life expectancy at birth for total U.S. population, in years

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Stories for the Waiting Room

Some new findings suggest that masks help protect people wearing them from getting or spreading SARS-CoV-2 because the humidity created inside the mask helps combat respiratory diseases like COVID-19.


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