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Alcohol consumption has gone up among Americans during the pandemic, according to a new study out of New York University. Drinking grew most among younger people but also among older adults with anxiety and depression.

"Of the 5,850 survey respondents who said that they drink, 29 percent reported increasing their alcohol use during the pandemic, while 19.8 percent reported drinking less and 51.2 percent reported no change," the study reported.

"This increase in drinking, particularly among people with anxiety and depression, is consistent with concerns that the pandemic may be triggering an epidemic of problematic alcohol use," said lead author Ariadna Capasso, a doctoral student at NYU School of Global Public Health.

The rise isn't entirely surprising. "People often drink to cope with stress and traumatic events," NYU reported. "A 2002 study found that a quarter of New Yorkers increased their alcohol consumption after the September 11 terrorist attacks."

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Frenulum: a small ligament between body parts that restricts movement. The easiest to see are the frenula connecting your tongue to the bottom of your mouth or your lips to your gums.

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Chionophobia: fear of snow



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