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Masking an Unfortunate Truth

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Medical History

This week in 1962, the USS Diamond Head set sail for Africa from Newport News, Virginia. Its passengers were medical workers equipped with the newly invented vaccination gun: "pistola de la paz" or "pistol of peace." Their mission was to conduct the first field trials of the device invented by Robert Hingson. It used a "jet" injector, which enabled more efficient mass inoculations without need of needles and syringes. Hingson thought the most important benefit of the hypospray was that it did not frighten children undergoing vaccination nearly as much as did needles.

Med School

Q: What are the hallux and the minimus?

A: Your big toe and your little (pinky) toe.


Curtain Calls

In 1993, Finnish obstetrician Dr. Arvo Nikula was holding a newborn upside down for the traditional spank when the child kicked him hard in the right temple, triggering a fatal hemorrhage.


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